In contradiction to the saying that cats have nine lives, cats only possess one precious life just like every creature in the world. Our role as their masters and protectors is that we must learn the basics of caring for them. And we must be able to perform this health care for cats to the best of our abilities.


However if left untreated it can progress to a stage where your dog will wreck your home, make a mess or bark for hours after you left the house. It is important to cure dog separation anxiety at an early stage.


Hairless cats are very unique because they look bald and have suede-like warm skin to the touch. They are not completely bald or hairless; they just have very few hairs on their skin that look invisible from a distance.


Hi guys, the article today will be my sharing and notes when taking care of newly- hatched chicks after the incubation process has finished. It looks like very easy and simple, but there has many people who do it in a wrong ways…